Mum of Luca & Theo and Tweetycam Owner

As a first-time Mum having a baby monitor that would put my new baby’s sleep and wellness at my fingertips was so important to me. When looking at the market, I was so overwhelmed with the choices, spending countless hours researching the vast array of products, that in the end I gave up the search and decided to re-engineer my own baby monitor with tailored specifications and high-quality components; Tweetycam.

Juggling pets, tenants, working full-time, and side businesses – I knew I needed a reliable baby monitor that would support my busy lifestyle. My wish list of features included a long battery life, the ability to add more cameras as my family grew, a secure system (no Wi-Fi), affordable and a device that would allow me to get on with my day while my baby was sleeping. I packed all my needs as a busy Mum-to-be into one product, and when Luca was born on the 18th of June 2019 the first Tweetycam prototype was put to the test.

As new parents, we learned quickly that when our baby sleeps well that means we do too, so being able to fix a night situation before it becomes a problem has been so valuable. Tweetycam provides me with a bird’s eye view of the room (pun intended) on a large screen with high-quality imagery and sound. Always knowing what is going on in clear detail has helped us to make better decisions about Luca’s sleep, safe in the knowledge that we can observe him any time of the day or night without causing unnecessary disturbances.

With up to 12 hours of battery life, Tweetycam grants me the freedom to monitor Luca live, from anywhere in our home. This has been great because we aren’t stuck to a PowerPoint, or having to sacrifice my phone during work hours – such a relief! It's also comforting to know that as my family grows, so does Tweetycam's capabilities, with more cameras for broader coverage. I even use Tweetycam now to watch over our dogs in the living room - keeping a loving eye on our fur babies has been an added bonus!

Another essential feature of Tweetycam is that it does not need a WiFi connection to operate. We all know the dangers of today’s smart home devices, and the idea of someone hacking my baby monitor was not something I wanted to worry about. With Tweetycam, I'm assured that our family's privacy is well-guarded.

After rigorously using, testing, and re-engineering Tweetycam as a new mum for three years, I can honestly say that our product is everything a busy parent could need and more in a baby monitor.

So, from one parent to another, I am so proud today to bring Tweetycam to Australian families and finally share my game-changing baby monitor with you!


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