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Tweetydreams nightlight sound machine

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Looking for the perfect sleep aid for your child? You found it. Tweetydreams combines a nightlight and white noise machine. Meticulously designed to optimise your baby's sleep and improve your toddler's routine, all while granting you a few extra moments of sleep. Step into nights filled with calm and tranquillity, thanks to Tweetydreams by Tweetycam.

Custom experience at your fingertips.
Dim the lights. Increase the rain. Accomplish it all, whether in your bedroom or downstairs and make adjustments without entering your child's room. The power is in your hands to tailor your Tweetydreams experience just how you want it.

Design your dream routine.
By using convenient programs designed for schedules such as bedtime, nap time, and wake-up, you can take your routines to the next level and make your life a little more predictable.

Versatile and customisable for your needs
Create a library of your favourite themes and easily access them with a simple tap to assist you with bedtimes, nappy changes, story times and night feeds.

Convenient child lock feature
Prevent your children's curious fingers from altering the settings. With the child lock feature enabled, you can have peace of mind knowing that your kids can interact with your Tweetydreams without the risk of unintentional changes.

Make sleeping more magical with soothing sounds.
White noise, Rain, Wind, Waves, Birds, Heartbeat, Fans and Lullabies are a few of our 34 soothing sounds. Your baby can sleep deeply with background noises and wake up calmly with bird songs or water streams.

Brighten your child’s night and keep monsters away.
Create the ideal sleep ambience for your child with millions of colour options, including two rainbow settings, and adjustable light intensity so they can peacefully drift off to sleep and stay asleep.

Portable and rechargeable for convenience.
With its lightweight design and battery life of up to 10 hours, Tweetydreams is your reliable sleep companion wherever you are. Whether you're on holiday or experiencing a power outage, you can ensure your little one will enjoy a restful sleep without any worries.

Effortless duration management
Set durations effortlessly for your Tweetydreams, with a countdown timer and make bedtime a breeze for you and your little one.

What's in the box
1 x Tweetydreams nightlight and sound machine (power cable + USB adaptor + user manual included)

Tweetycam Baby Monitor Bundle with 2 cameras

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Our best deal! Opt for the Tweetycam Baby Monitor Bundle with 2 Cameras and get that extra piece of mind for a great price. With 2 cameras you can easily expand your view of your baby so you can see even more of what you love.

What's in the box
2 x Tweetycam camera (wall mounts + power cables included)
1 x Tweetycam monitor (protective case + power cable + user manual included)

Tweetycam Flexi-Mount

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Get creative with our Tweetycam Flexi-mount. This handy accessory lets you securely attach your Tweetycam camera almost anywhere in your baby’s room for the best view. The flexi-mount offers the freedom and flexibility to find the perfect setup in every room. No drilling, no screws, no fuss!

Please Note: We recommend using the Flexi-mount on your baby's cot only until they are 2 months old. Ensure that the cables are always kept securely out of reach of small fingers for safety.

Length: 60cm

Tweetycam Floor Stand
Tweetycam Floor Stand
Tweetycam Floor Stand
Tweetycam Floor Stand
Tweetycam Floor Stand
Tweetycam Floor Stand

Tweetycam Floor Stand

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Sorry, our "Tweetycam Floor Stand" is currently out of stock. Good news! Our stock is arriving on July 22nd. Pre-order now and we will dispatch your order as soon as it arrives.

Get a birds-eye view of your little one with our new Tweetycam Floor Stand, offering yet another camera placement option for your Tweetycam monitoring system.

Elevated Perspective
Say goodbye to limited angles and obscured views. The Tweetycam Floor Stand elevates your Tweetycam camera, providing you with a birds-eye picture of your baby's crib. See more so you worry less!

Discrete Design
Designed with a minimalistic aesthetic, Tweetycam's Floor Stand blends into any nursery decor. 

Enhanced Security
We understand the importance of keeping cables out of reach from little fingers. Tweetycam’s Floor Stand comes with a soft, white cable sleeve, keeping unsightly wires hidden from view.

Easy Setup
Our Tweetycam Floor Stand is incredibly easy to set up. With just a few twists and clicks you’ll be ready to go!

Offering camera stability without the need for permanent fixtures, Tweetycam’s Floor Stand is the perfect alternative if our Wall mount or Flexi-mount don’t suit your needs.

Portable and Convenient
Tweetycam’s floor stand is designed to be compact and lightweight when disassembled, making it a breeze to take with you on trips or store when not in use.

What’s included:

  • Flexi piece
  • Stand piece x3
  • Rectangular base
  • Safety sleeve

Dimension: 180cm
Weight: 2kg


  1. Attach the pieces together by screwing them in. Make sure the flexible piece is on the top part of the mount.
  2. Attach the end of the power cable to the top of the floor stand using a piece of tape
  3. Gently slide the sleeve down from the top of the stand to the bottom
Our Flexi-mount