Warranty policy

We offer a complimentary, 1-year manufacturers warranty on all purchased Tweetycam products. Your warranty covers any product fault/ failure aspect that does not involve any human error or misuse. In addition, all product handling instructions and warnings must be adhered to.

Protection includes, but is not limited to:
- Product arriving damaged or in sub-par condition.
- Monitor failing to charge or turning on.
- Power cord failing to transfer power to the camera.

Protection does not include:
- Any product failure/ damage due to improper use (Failure to follow usage instructions).
- Product failure/ damage caused by incorrect set-up or incorrect power supply application.
- Product failure/ damage caused by dropping, impact or water damage.
- Scratches, dents, and marks caused by the user.
- Superficial dents, scratches or marks on packaging box on arrival.

Warranty claims are handled on a case by case basis and subject to our approval. We may ask for you to send photo/video evidence of the fault before commencing resolutions. To streamline the process and activate your warranty please send us an email quoting your order number, a description of the fault and photo/ video evidence.

Once your warranty has been successfully activated, we will notify you of how we will proceed in either refunding, repairing or replacing your item.

For further warranty information, please email us at support@tweetycam.zohodesk.com