Tweetycam Baby Monitor with Camera
Tweetycam Baby Monitor with Camera
tweetycam baby monitor
tweetycam baby monitor
tweetycam baby monitor
Tweetycam Baby Monitor with Camera
Tweetycam Baby Monitor with Camera
Tweetycam Baby Monitor with Camera
Tweetycam Baby Monitor with Camera
Tweetycam Baby Monitor with Camera

Tweetycam Baby Monitor with Camera

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Tweetycam Floor Stand
Tweetycam Floor Stand
+1 Year Extended Warranty Tweetycam
+1 Year Extended Warranty Tweetycam

Due to overwhelming demand, our "Tweetycam Baby Monitor with Camera" is currently out of stock. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

The good news? Pre-orders are now open, and you can secure your Tweetycam to be shipped by 1/3/24.

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⭐️ 14-Day Money Back Guarantee

The all new Tweetycam baby monitor gives parents complete peace of mind and the freedom to always watch over their little ones. The perfect sleep companion.

Watch clearly on the big-screen so you never miss a thing!
Our large 5” HD LCD monitor screen allows you to see your baby’s environment clearly, displaying crisp imagery when it matters the most, both in daylight and darkness.

Because the little details matter.
See every detail of your baby in sharp 720p clarity. Not only that, our night vision quality is best in class so you never lose sight of the most precious moments.

Immediate Install
Set up your Tweetycam in an instant. With no apps to download, and no Wifi setup required, you can simply plug-and-play. Zero fuss!

A secure connection you can always trust
Stay safe from hackers without ever losing connectivity. The wireless FHSS transmission guarantees a secure and private live-stream only for you.

Never lose view of your little one
Thanks to Tweetycam’s pan and tilt functions the camera gives you a 360° panoramic view of your baby’s room, quietly watching over every nook and cranny.

We’ve Got You Covered
With a wireless range coverage of up to 960 feet, you can follow the clear and stable live-stream from anywhere in your home, even the garden!

Up to 12h Battery Life on A Single Charge
Be there for your baby throughout the whole day with our robust 4000mH battery which can last up to 12 hours of continued usage.

Create the Perfect Environment
Thanks to Tweetycam’s temperature monitor you can ensure your baby’s room stays at an optimal temperature all throughout the day and night.

Clear 2-way Communication
Talk with your baby from anywhere in your home with Tweetycam’s 2-way communication feature. Just push-to-talk!

Be there when you’re needed
Thanks to our voice activation (VOX) system, you will be alerted immediately when your baby is awake. The monitor and sound will also turn off if your little one is deeply asleep, so you can also rest easy.

Never be in the dark
Tweetycam’s advanced night vision, with invisible infrared LEDs, allows you to see your baby clearly during those all-important night-time check-ups. Get a full picture whether it's day or night.

Sweet Sweet Lullabies 
Calm your baby with a varied playlist of soothing sounds and lullabies when it’s time to sleep.

What's in the box
1 x Tweetycam camera
1 x Tweetycam monitor
1 x Tweetycam protective case for the monitor
1 x Wall mount shim
2 x Power Cable
1 x User manual